People's Party of Canada

for Oshawa


Darryl Mackie BRE MSc. ED is a proud Canadian, a concerned citizen, a freedom fighter and a family man. He grew up in Scarborough and Guelph, has travelled extensively across Canada, and has lived in Durham Region since 1997. Darryl graduated from Ajax High School, earned a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Education from Tyndale University and graduated from Medaille College with a master’s degree in Education. Darryl has been working and helping and serving his community for the past 20 years as a front-line outreach worker with the homeless, a youth pastor and life coach, and as an elementary teacher. He was nominated by the Ontario Teacher’s Federation for Teaching Excellence. Darryl enjoys spending his summers adventuring in National and Provincial Parks. Darryl has made Oshawa his home with his wife Hailie and five children.

Darryl Mackie is a man with true conservative values, yet he maintains a healthy respect for the ideas and contributions of all members of Canadian society. He believes in defending and celebrating Western values including: democracy and individual rights and freedoms. Darryl stands for personal responsibility and equality of opportunity and equality under the law. He believes that you have the right to raise up, provide, and protect your family. He believes that the freedoms of speech, belief and expression are foundational to a free society. Darryl believes that a smaller government means bigger individuals. He will fight to build up a strong military to protect our borders. It is essential that we prioritize taking care of our veterans, and those in need among us, before we send millions and billions overseas to foreign countries in aid. We need to have a reasonable immigration policy that focuses on improving our economy. We do not need to automatically have the highest numbers in the world. Darryl believes in being environmentally responsible and that Co2 is essential for life. Darryl stands against the Carbon tax and excessive green tech subsidies. He stands against modern Identity Politics, Marxism, Critical Theory, Universal Basic Income and Cancel Culture. Darryl has been standing against local lockdown measures throughout the past year and standing for personal responsibility. Darryl recognizes that Canada has a proud and strong, yet richly complex and imperfect, history and that Canada is a great country worth defending and celebrating. United we stand.

Darryl will be your voice in Ottawa representing conservative Canadian values and Oshawa's best interests.

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